1 HR AIA+ IDCEC HSW CEU- Additive+ Subtractive Manufacturing

ceuProgram: Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Using CNC Routers

Provider: māk studio

Course Number: AIA SM2019 and IDCEC CC-1089858

Credit Hours: 1 hour AIA HSW + 1 Hour IDCEC HSW

Description: Provide information about additive and subtractive manufacturing and how they can enhance the design process.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing

2. Understand the advancements in additive manufacturing that are enhancing quality of life

3.Understand the history of additive and subtractive machines, the types available and when to use each type.

4. Understand how digital fabrication can decrease construction waste and decrease the possibilty for errors in the design process.


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