Arm Technologies

A unique visitor experience for this one-of-a-kind lobby

With a mixed use of natural and malleable materials, we guided ARM Technologies through available options in material and colors to make critical design decisions for their unique feature wall tailored to their needs and budget.

Modern, Innovative Details

Inspired by integrated circuitry, floating solid surface shelves mix with natural wood and moss to create a clean product display zone.

Malleable Materials

Working with advanced materials allows us to offer the most diverse range of solutions. Paired with our advance manufacturing tools and techniques, we were able to:

  • Bend veneered walls and solid surface shelves into tight radiuses
  • Carve and shape many materials
  • Layer materials together to create a unique palette

This gives you the ultimate flexibility when considering finish options, well beyond changing fabric color.


This showroom and lobby created in collaboration with GSC Architects in Austin, Texas, reflect the innovative nature of ARM Technologies. The wood and greenery add warmth to a technical showroom and create a memorable visitor experience.

  • Collaborative Planning
  • Design and Technical Assistance
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Installation