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We design, manufacture, and install several types of walls, desks, planters, and more

Architectural Slat Walls

Beautiful, made to order walls of any shape and size

Vertical slat walls, ceiling slats, or somewhere in between. We can design the perfect wall for you or you can build one of your own with our online tool.

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Architectural Slat Wall
Faceted Wall

Faceted Walls

Our faceted walls define any office space

Faceted walls add depth and texture to any room and define a working or entertainment space. Our tools let you design your own custom wall that we build and install.

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Custom Desks

Unique and custom made desks

We custom make desks for reception areas and offices. Contact our office to get more information on what we can do and take a look at our previous work.

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Custom Desk
Planter Wall

Planter Walls

Our planter walls add a touch of class to an entryway

Planter walls can be custom designed to fit any office.

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Back Lit Walls

Back lit walls provide a unique look and feel for corporate reception areas

Our back lit walls are custom made and can be installed whereever needed

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Back Lit Wall
Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Wall panels add color, depth, and texture to any home or office space.

We carry a wide array of wall panels and can custom cut and install them.

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